"Working towards a successful future on a strong foundation of local and international Knowledge and Expertise!"

Ability to create professionals, ready for the industry through customised outcome driven programs.

Our Services


Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer, Airport Business Management, Certification & Compliance, Terminal Operations, HSE Management, Wildlife Control, Maintenance Management

Air Transport

Airline Management, Airline Station Management, Ground Handling Management, Air Cargo Management, Logistic Management, Aviation Fuel Management.

Air Traffic Management

ATM Management, Airspace Management, Communications, Navigation and Surveillance, Safety Management, Human Performance – Human Factors.

Aircraft Business & Trade

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Aircraft Structure Certification, Aircraft Parts, Rotables Leasing, Exchange, and Trading, Consumable Trading, Aircraft Leasing for New and Existing Operators.


Meteorology Management

Aeronautical Meteorological Services, Meteorologist Technician, Severe Weather Operation Plans

Pilot Program

Private Pilot Licensing (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licensing (CPL),Air Transport Pilot Licensing (ATPL)


Military Aviation

Aircraft Hanger Design, Planning & Development, Aircraft Hanger Management, Ramp Planning and Management, Communication Systems and Devices, Security Management, HSE Management.


Non-Aviation Related Services

Performance and Staff Management, Learning and Development, IT Services, Academic Management, Project Management, Transport & Logistic Management, Manpower Services

About Sky Seven For Business LLC

Sky Seven For Business LLC is an established provider of aviation related Trainings, ICT consultancy and solutions and Manpower deployment services based in Muscat, Oman. Seven is a special number to our company. Therefore, in each category of our 3 core businesses, we focus on providing our expertise in 7 major fields.

Our expertise and widespread knowledge is what we intend to pass on to the public through our interactive training centre, through advanced training, and consultancy services using innovative technology and products.

We strive to become the centre of excellence and provide quality services of international standards while maintaining our upmost professionalism, trustworthiness and excellence with all our customers.


Working towards a successful future on a strong foundation of local and international Knowledge and Expertise

Ability to nurture professionals to enable them to develop sustainable high performance and operational culture through our bespoke outcome driven programs

To become the leading provider of comprehensive training programs, ICT solutions and trained Manpower deployment for all aviation and non-aviation related sectors.

To provide innovative services and international best practice by linking our customers to global industry professionals and experts to ensure their effectiveness and ultimate performance within their organizations.


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